What happened to Extension 7490 and the new Extension 27 on MixCloud

Published on 3 November 2022 at 10:08

Some of you have inquired as to the status of the program I produced for WBCQ called "Extension 7490".  The program received a lot of positive feedback but due to many "technical issues", it became a nightmare to produce.  I decided after another technical mishap to put production of this show on hiatus and focus my efforts on Canadian Content Radio and the new "Extension 27" podcast (which will be uploaded on a monthly basis to my Mixcloud site).

Extension 27 will continue on with the random free form style of the old show, with some minor variations.  The great thing is that via MixCloud, the show is now more portable and easily accessed via the Internet thingy.  You can listen to it on the go, in your home, in your boat, car, on the move, airplane, train, hospital bed, brothel, etc.

I'll blog about the show here on seanwelsh.com and comments about Extension 27 can be sent to canadiancontentradio@gmail.com .


I will also publish new episodes of Canadian Content Radio on the same MixCloud site after they air on Radio Angela.


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