Canadian Content Radio is scheduled to air on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00 PM EDT / 0300 GMT (Thursday GMT) as part of the World Music block on WBCQ's featured "Radio Angela" 5130 khz.

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Hosted by Sean Welsh, Canadian Content Radio presents a wide selection of music performed, written, produced or recorded in Canada by Canadian artists (or sometimes by artists who want to be Canadian).

Canadian Content Radio is a non-commercial source for Canadian-based music, entertainment and insight. The program features music recorded by or composed by Canadian talent, performed in Canada or on a Canadian label.  We may bend the rules a bit and also feature music that "sounds" Canadian or "should have been performed" by a Canadian or in some cases, music by performers that make Canada their home.


Starting in November 2022, episodes of Canadian Content Radio will be re-posted in Podcast format on MixCloud on my "Extension 27" podcast page.


**Please note that the March 1 2023 edition of Canadian Content Radio is a REPEAT broadcast of the October 2022 program***



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From "WBCQ strongly supports the United States of America’s constitutional right to free speech. Programs aired by our clients are not censored in any way.

WBCQ believes that our programmers have the right to express themselves on the airwaves in any way they seem fit. This is why you will find a diverse mix of music, talk, commentary, spiritual, religious, and commercial programming on WBCQ. We only restrict programming content if the programmer directly advocates harming other human beings based on their race, creed, or national origin."

The producer of Canadian Content Radio also believes in free speech and the freedom to express one's self in a manner that delivers truth and does not promote hate speech.


Canadian Content Radio